Day 3 started with a number of parents and siblings popping in to look at and play on the games that our Geeks had been enthusing about at home. Many of the kids have managed to load their own games onto their X-Box at home and have been playing their own games with friends – which was fantastic to see!

Wednesday was Challenge Day where the aim was to produce a game which brought together all of the skills which they have learned so far this week. The kids supported each other by sharing their expertise and ideas.

On Thursday, the local newspaper had heard about what we were up to and sent in a reporter and a photographer to find out more – they were impressed with what we’d managed to build in such a short amount of time.

We saw lots of creative ideas yesterday – creating a Lego world, underwater worlds and one student used Kodu to build an interactive chess game, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

A few coders used Scratch to make a Flappy Birds type of game – their PhotoShop skills were quickly honed!



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