The BETT show, the UK’s leading education technology event held in London every January was its usual mix of speaker and practitioner insights and company news, new product and feature releases.  The Knowledge Network team has attended for many years, and often the thing we take away with us that leaves a lasting impression is the groups of school children dressed head to foot in every single freebie and promotional item they can lay their hands on.  The BETT mini super heroes, adorned with capes, hats, sashes and bags, wielding usb pens, flags and dutifully hyping themselves on jelly bean snacks, ready for the journey home with their dedicated, fool hardy, teachers…

Here at The Knowledge Network we are always on the lookout for new partnerships that can work in harmony with our plug and play app framework, allowing us to continue to offer the best suite of products and services to our end users, be they student, teacher, leadership or governor, and so attending BETT is always high on our agenda.

This year was very productive, with conversations with partners new and old, covering core ICT services, collaboration and learning, content, CPD tools, early years, finance and business intelligence.  We’re really excited about the opportunities this gives us for the coming year to expand our platform and services capability.

A great way to kick off January, and we look forward to the continued conversations with you all during the year.

If you were unfortunate not to be able to attend the show this year, you can find the Best of BETT summary presentations here: http://www.bettshow.com/Content/Best-of-Bett-2014

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