Ki Learning

Ki Learning is a platform and suite of apps for Microsoft Office 365 that enables teachers to build and set homework or entire courses and monitor these to completion, and for students to engage with their learning anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Ki Create

Use Ki Create to set one off homework tasks or to build entire course structures and assign to individuals or groups of students – the choice is yours!

Personalised learning pathways can be built from your existing resources in PowerPoint, Word or OneNote, from Open Education Resources or embedded from Office Mix, Sway or YouTube  Share your resources and Pathways with others, and reuse those shared with you.

Ki Track

Ki Track provides a highly visual dashboard on the status of resources that have been accessed and completed, and allows ongoing dialogue and feedback between the student and teacher on all work set.

Ki Pathways

Ki Pathways is the third app of the three Ki Learning apps that enables the creation, tracking and completion of tasks and curriculum pathways – this one focussing on the student.

The learner can view and interact with their entire set of learning pathways, see what is due and the status of each, and engage in dialogue with the teacher during the process of completing and submitting their assignments.


Those students who are focussed on achieving the qualifications and experience to secure employment will benefit from being able to log their skills and experience gained as they progress through their learning journey, and to produce multiple tailored, high quality curriculum vitae when the time comes.