Ki Data

Ki Data is a platform and suite of apps for Microsoft Office 365 that gives you the right information at the right time so you can make more informed decisions that lead to better learning outcomes.

We have created a number of apps and products within Ki Data so you can learn more about your organisation.

Ki Sync

Ki Sync is where it all starts.  It’s an app that allows you to upload your data to our Education Data Mart which is where the magic happens.

If you are a Capita SIMS school, then even better news – we can automatically retrieve your data every day to ensure that your apps and analytics are always up to date.

Ki Visual

For the school Principal, member of the Senior Leadership Team, or class teacher – Ki Visual provides you with a highly visual way of exploring your whole school data.

Search and filter across key performance measures including attendance, progress and attainment, behaviour and all core student characteristics.

Ki Class

If you’re a teacher, having up to date information on all aspects relating to the students in your classes is essential.  Highly visual with student photos – group them by attendance, attainment, behaviour and achievement.

Drill down to a student’s complete history, attainment over time, progress against targets – all on Office 365.

Ki Report

Ki Report is the app for students and their parents to keep them informed of attendance, attainment, behaviour and achievement – and provide them with the feature to feedback to teachers, mentors and staff.

Power BI

A Microsoft product, Power BI brings your data to life by transforming it into rich visuals for you to collect and organise so you can focus on what matters to your organisation.