Our expertise

Our expertise is built on years of working in education with trusts, teachers, students and parents so we understand your challenges and deliver IT solutions to make life easier.

Change management support is a large part of our service offer. We also recognise that having a robust and affordable ICT infrastructure within schools is a key foundation for making sure that technology is used effectively in teaching and learning.

EdTech consultancy

We can help you get the most out of the ICT you already have and support in planning for future investments.

Our EdTech consultancy services include:

Vision and strategy workshops

Working with your key stakeholders, we will support you in developing a vision and five-year strategy for ICT which aligns with your wider priorities.


We will work with you to assess your current provision, helping you to understand what you have and how it is being used.

Total cost of ownership

If you are going to improve your provision and ensure value for money, you need to understand what you are spending currently and what you will need to spend to maintain or enhance provision going forward. Our team will work with you to establish these costs and to develop a sustainable refresh and renewal policy.


We can offer training in a range of software and hardware including mobile devices, Office 365, iPad apps for teaching and learning and much more.

1:1 devices

If you’re considering roll-out of a 1:1 device scheme, be it based on a parental contribution model or BYOD, we can support you every step of the way. We will help and advise you on infrastructure readiness, parental consultations, device selection, payment and funding models, effective roll-out, staff and student training, ongoing mobile device management.

Computing curriculum

We can train your staff to ensure that they have the skills and resources required to deliver the requirements of the new computing curriculum.

SIMS health check

As part of the SIMS health check, we will visit your school to discuss and assess how you currently use your SIMS modules and how you can get the most out SIMS. Following the visit you will receive a detailed Recommendation Report which will outline any identified training needs, and provide you with the necessary advice and guidance to help you get the most out of your SIMS system.

Platform implementation

Our unique platform harnesses and extends the power of Office 365 and we provide tailored training to your staff so you get the most out of our technology. Our Super User training encourages staff to take ownership of the platform and we also deliver specific training on applications such as KiData and OneNote Class Notebook. Training can be delivered in person, at your school, or via a video-conferencing or webinar format through Skype for Business – giving you a completely flexible and personalised training package.